La voix du traducteur à l'école / The Translator's Voice at School

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La voix du traducteur à l'école / The Translator's Voice at School
The role of translation in cultural mediation is particularly important in the field of youth literature. Translations enable young readers to know literary works from around the world and to open up to cultural difference. However, in the hands of an institution of socialization, translation can lead to disinformation, misunderstanding, even dissent. Starting from a range of cultural contexts, the articles gathered here help, in a remarkable way, to understand how literary translations are used in school, to discover which historical, ideological, political or pedagogical criteria affect the choice of works studied, And how much can vary the canons of foreign works and their place in the curriculum.
Edited by/Sous la direction de : Elżbieta Skibińska, Magda Heydel et Natalia Paprocka
Publication Edition/Édition : 1st
Issue Date/Date de publication : 2015
Subject(s)/Sujet(s) : Traductology
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Published in/Publication en : Montréal
Country/Pays : Canada
Region/Région : Québec
Supervisor/Éditrice : Director of the collection: Agnès Whitfield
Printed Version ISBN/Version imprimée ISBN : ISBN 978-2-924337-01-1
Electronic Version ISBN/Version électronique ISBN : ISBN 978-2-924337-02-08
Articles by/Articles de : Elżbieta Skibińska, Cecilia Alvstad, Marie-Christine Anastassiadi, Maria Papadima, Marta Kaźmierczak, Emilia Żybert-Pruchnicka, Magda Heydel, Dorota Michułka, Mavina Pantazara, Elena Gavrilova
Electronic Version ISSN/Version électronique ISSN : ISSN 1927-7806; v. 5
Printed Version ISSN/Version imprimée ISSN : ISSN 1927-7792; v. 5
Volume #/Volume no : 5