Belle reconnaissance pour Hanne Jansen et Anna Wegener

Le concept d'autorialité traductive multiple (“multiple translatorship”) proposé par Hanne Jansen et Anna Wegener est maintenant reconnu comme étant un concept fondamental pour la recherche contemporaine en traductologie :

"Another term with a sociological guise, that of “multiple translatorship”, was coined by Jansen and Wegener (2013) in the context of TS, largely inspired by the notion of “multiple authorship” proposed by Jack Stillinger in the early 1990s within literary criticism. Just as Stillinger attempted to challenge the myth of the solitary author with a view to claiming that literary creation is a collaborative activity, Jansen and Wegener (2013, p. 5) state that “the notion of singular translatorship cannot be sustained empirically” to the extent that “for better or worse, translation is frequently collaborative in nature”.7 This perspective (adopted by Solum 2017, 2018), in acknowledging the translation process in publishers as a series of negotiations between translators, editors, copy-editors, and other individual and collective agents, ultimately underpins most of the current research on translation and publishing being carried out by TS scholars."

Gisele Dionísio da Silva, NOVA University of Lisbon/CETAPS, "Translation and Publishing in Translation Studies: An Old Partnership Revisited," Translation Matters, vol.2, no 1 (2020), p. 16.