More praise for Translating the Voices of Nature

A review published in the respected international Journal of Specialised Translation, JoSTRans offers new praise for Traduire les voix de la nature/Translating the Voices of Nature, edited by Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov and Bruno Poncharal.

Through a welcome overview of recent works on posthumanism and eco-criticism and close analytical readings of the essays in the volume, Ricarda Vidal (King’s College London) and Madeleine Campbell (University of Edinburgh) show how Taivalkoski-Shilov and Poncharal’s book makes a significant contribution to this critical topic in Translation Studies. “Many of the chapters, they note, are inspiring to read, offering a fresh perspective not only on matters of translation but also on the translated texts they discuss.”

In the conclusion to their detailed review, itself a valuable contribution to the reflection on translation and posthumanism, Vidal and Campbell write:

“This bilingual edited volume offers a timely posthumanist contribution to the most recent turn in Translation Studies, spearheaded by Cronin (2017, 2019) and giving voice to Rosi Braidotti’s (2013, 2019) call to adjust contemporary thought in preparation for a post-Anthropocene era that is fast approaching, whether or not humanity succeeds in mitigating the looming climate disaster. In her introduction to the book, Taivalkoski-Shilov refers to Guy Midgley’s warning not to spread doom about the irreversibility of climate change but to give hope and motivation to make change possible and save what is left of our planet (4). The contributors to Translating the Voices of Nature seem to have taken this to heart and the book goes some way towards generating hope for a better, less extractive engagement with nature and with the voices of others.”

“Taivalkoski-Shilov, Kristiina and Ponchanal, Bruno (eds) (2022). Traduire les voix de la nature / Translating the Voices of Nature,” JoSTrans, The Journal of Specialised Translation, Issue 39, January 2023, pp. 205-2011.