Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation

2 - Editorial and Publishing Practices

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Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation
This book is the second volume of essays published in the wake of the Symposium on Audition and Editorial Voices, organized at the University of Copenhagen in 2011 by the International Research Group on Voice in Translation. Inspired by the concept of "voice" to illuminate situations where multiple agents interact, this volume contributes tangibly to understanding the processes and practices by which editors and editors can act on translation. These essays deal with modalities of revision in contexts of rewriting, rewriting, autobiography and colonialism, as well as publishers' practices on prefaces, formats, titles and marketing. Collaborators report on empirical research in historical and contemporary contexts involving a wide range of languages including German, English, Danish, Finnish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Swedish and the Turkish.
Edited by/Sous la direction de : Hanne Jansen et Anna Wegener
Publication Edition/Édition : 1st
Issue Date/Date de publication : 2013
Subject(s)/Sujet(s) : Traductology
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Published in/Publication en : Montréal
Country/Pays : Canada
Region/Région : Québec
Supervisor/Éditrice : Director of the collection: Agnès Whitfield
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« ...a work offering many valuable contributions. Readers will appreciate the perspectives opened by a study of multiple agency in translation: it should further help to inform the way translation is taught at universities, and provide a more balanced outlook on day-to-day practice

Carole Birkan-Berz in Translation Studies, 10:1,107-109, DOI: 10.1080/14781700.2016.1151822

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Articles by/Articles de : Davide Manenti, Mikael Johani, Ebbe Klitgård, Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov, Sehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar, Ken Farø, Debora Biancheri, Nathallie Mälzer, Siri Nergaard, Agnes Whitfield
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Volume #/Volume no : 3