Translating the Voices of Theory / La traduction des voix de la théorie

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Translating the Voices of Theory / La traduction des voix de la théorie

The way in which theoretical discourses travel from one linguistic and cultural context to another, and the transformations they undergo along the way raise important theoretical questions. Different cultural practices with respect to translation, quotation and reference inevitably modify and recontextualise such discourses, enriching, limiting or reorienting the theoretical debate. Highlighting the innovative potential of the concept of "voice", this collection of essays remarkably examines the surprising variety of other voices involved in the intercultural passage of "theoretical voices". Some articles present detailed case studies (Foucault in Finnish, Benveniste in Polish, Nida in Romanian, Said in Eastern Europe), others explore specific contexts of mediation (Polish journals, missionary texts in Tagalog, French texts Translation didactics, drafts of Danish students) or examine the specific issues involved in the translation of postcolonial theoretical voices.

Edited by/Sous la direction de : Isabelle Génin et Ida Klitgård
Publication Edition/Édition : 1st
Issue Date/Date de publication : 2015
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Published in/Publication en : Montréal
Country/Pays : Canada
Region/Région : Québec
Supervisor/Éditrice : Director of the collection: Agnès Whitfield
Printed Version ISBN/Version imprimée ISBN : ISBN 978-2-924337-07-3
Electronic Version ISBN/Version électronique ISBN : ISBN 978-2-924337-08-0
Articles by/Articles de : Rodica Dimitriu, Isabelle Génin, Álvaro Faleiros, Kaja Gostkowska, Ida Klitgård, Magdalena Nowicka, Marlon James Sales, Elżbieta Skibińska, Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov, Daniel Toudic, Agnes Whitfield
Electronic Version ISSN/Version électronique ISSN : ISSN 1927-7806; v. 8
Printed Version ISSN/Version imprimée ISSN : ISSN 1927-7792; v. 8
Volume #/Volume no : 8