Isis Herrero López

Isis Herrero López Isis Herrero López has a PhD in Translation Studies (Universidad de Salamanca, 2013). As a PhD candidate at Universidad de Salamanca she received a grant from the European Social Fund Junta de Castilla y León. In December 2015, after working for two years at the Universidad de Cantabria as a junior lecturer, she became an independent scholar based in Oulu (Finland). Herrero López has published broadly on literary translation and the transformation of identity through translation. Her publications include: “Rewrapping Indianness for Spain: The Peritextual Representation of Native North American Identity in Literary Translations” (2015, TTR 28:1), winner of the 2014 Vinay and Darbelnet Prize by the Canadian Association of Translation Studies; “Jane Austen through Francoist Customs: What Censorship Files Can Tell about the Publishing World of the First Francoism (1936-1959)” (2016, Parallèles 38:2); “The Literary Translation into Spanish of Native American Proper Names: A Perspective on the Transcultural Construction of Identity” (2016, Meta 61(3); “Translating Social and Material Culture: Sanditon in Spanish” (2018, Translation & Literature 27:1); and Gender and Translation: Understanding Agents in Transnational Reception (2018, Vita Traductiva), co-edited with Cecilia Alvstad, Johanna Akujärvi and Synnøve Lindtner.