Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation

1 - Collaborative Relationships between Authors, Translators, and Performers

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Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation
Translatology now recognizes that translators are not the only agents involved in the work of translation. Authors and reviewers have the opportunity to make suggestions and give instructions to the translator. Publishers retain a certain power over the final text and its presentation to the public. If we know that translations are often censored in totalitarian regimes, the effects of commercial interests in "free" societies are less well known. Inspired by the concept of "voice" to illuminate situations where multiple agents interact, this volume contributes tangibly to the understanding of the processes by which authors, editors, directors and critics can act on translation. These empirical studies reveal patterns of collaboration and negotiation as well as types of conflict in different historical and contemporary contexts. They pay particular attention to the multiple voices of theatrical translation.
Edited by/Sous la direction de : Hanne Jansen et Anna Wegener
Publication Edition/Édition : 1st
Issue Date/Date de publication : 2013
Subject(s)/Sujet(s) : Traductology
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Published in/Publication en : Montréal
Country/Pays : Canada
Region/Région : Québec
Supervisor/Éditrice : Director of the collection: Agnès Whitfield
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Articles by/Articles de : Hanne Jansen, Anna Wegener, Michelle Wods, Marion Dalvai, Wolfgang Görtschacher, Geraldine Brodie, Chiari Galletti, Björn Sundmark, Cecilia Wadsö Lecaros, Alexandra Lopes, Emilia di Martino, Monica Pavani
Electronic Version ISSN/Version électronique ISSN : ISSN 1927-7806; v. 2
Printed Version ISSN/Version imprimée ISSN : ISSN 1927-7792; v. 2
Volume #/Volume no : 2