Forthcoming: Multiple Alterities in Translation: Indian Explorations

Altérités multiples en traduction : explorations indiennes (volume in French). Editors: Christine Raguet (Sorbonne Nouvelle) and Vidya Vencatesan (University of Mumbai)

The literatures and cultures of India, in their rich profusion, offer a particularly fertile terrain for translators and translation scholars. Skillfully combining theoretical and practical reflections, the essays in this volume reveal the extent to which alterities are multiple and inventively entangled. Papers discuss translations into French from Prakrit (Sattasaī), Sanskrit and Tamil (Vedānta Deśika), Bengali (Jibanananda Das), and Urdu (Javed Akhtar), translations into Indian languages (Madame Bovary into Marathi, Markoosie from Inuktitut into Hindi via French), as well as translative (William Jones) and editorial (OUP) practices, and intercultural teaching (Tagore) in the Anglo-Indian context. From these Indian explorations emerge new ways to conceptualize the interplay of cultural discordances, the interweaving of relay languages, and the sometimes surprisingly creative relations among “familiar” and “distant” alterities.

Christine Raguet is Emerita Professor of translation and Translation Studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle and literary translator.

Vidya Vencatesan is Professor of French literature, translator and Director of the Centre for European Studies at the University of Mumbai.

Articles by : Nalini Balbir, Philippe Benoît, Jayant Dhupkar, Jean-Marie Fournier, Chitra Krishnan, Mini Krishnan, Sanjay Kumar, Christine Raguet, Vidya Vencatesan, Agnès Whitfield